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Video clips From numerous performances in television programs, at weddings, celebrations and various cheerful events, we have extracted a few video clips that can depict a bit of the atmosphere created by our playing.
AUDIO - music for listening and downloading. Mp3 music The MP3 player comprises the music played by our band that you can listen to while you are online. The music was filmed in studio conditions, as well as on live parties. The quality of the sound is superb, although some recordings were made at a wedding or at a club celebration. The tracks recorded live at the wedding or a party have an extension “live”.
The same music can be downloaded in. mp3 format (download mp3 music), and later listened to on your player, in a car, and whenever you want to improve your mood with the cheerful tune of our songs.
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» EDI I SASA MEDOSEVIC - Ukuci moje stare majke
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» EDI I BAND - Tiho,tiho muzicari
» EDI I BAND - Ne pesmu tu
» EDI I BAND - Ciganski san
» Aleksandar Edi Medosevic - Budi tu - Budva-2007