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» About members:
The music pop group "Novi Spomenari" has existed for about 20 years. We have released seven albums for PGP with songs many of which have become hits. Acknowledgements for long-term, quality work came in the form of awards at many festivals (The festival in Budva, The festival "Morava Pearls "...). We are frequent guests in the radio and television broadcasts, and we have also performed a lot of concerts throughout the former Yugoslavia.
Aleksandar Edi Medosevic
The soloist and one of the most temperamental musicians in the group. Born near the sea, he  raises the level of entertainment and cools it as with the most beautiful champagne, to the general satisfaction of the audience. He has sung the greatest hits of the group with Zoran Tesic and Sasha Medošević, the famous trio in the group.  An associate of  PGP and Radio Belgrade. The Twins in the horoscope.
Zoran Tesic
He is the oldest member and the artistic director and creator of the group. A tenor and the musician who causes the most beautiful emotions while playing. The only blond in the group and the Aquarius in the horoscope.
Sasa Medosevic
The singer and the guitarist of the group, responsible for the seriousness and the image of the group. The audience likes to call him Grumbler. He colors specifically the backing vocals and  is a pop-rocker at heart. Most favorite to the female part of the audience, without competition. The Taurus in the horoscope.
Miroslav Nincic
The keyboardist and  the programmer in “Novi Spomenari”. A studio musician and an associate of many domestic pop music stars. An artist of high musical level, who  puts everyone's temperament and playing in the right place, to general satisfaction of the band members and the audience. The Virgo in the horoscope.
Senka Panic
With her  presence in “Novi Spomenari”, she managed to elevate the group to an enviable level. She is also an educated artist with a rich career and has her own music that fits successfully into the group. The Virgo in the horoscope.